Youth Development
Beginning New Outreach has a Youth Leadership Program for youth from the 3rd through 12th grade. Our organization provides high-quality mentoring and motivational instruction for young learners.

Programs Testimonials

I am encouraged by the spirit of the ladies leading Beginning New Outreach.  Their passion is evident when they speak and interact with our children.  My daughter has participated in multiple events and each time it has been a blessing!  She has learned new skills and information, but most importantly, she was encouraged by what was said and the warm welcome she always receives.  As a parent, I am very pleased with what has been accomplished through Beginning New Outreach and look forward to participating in many future events.  I can't wait to see what they have in store, I know even greater is coming!

-Kim Daniels


I had the privilege of experiencing one of the amazing workshops for Beginning New Outreach. It provided the opportunity to become knowledgeable on what components are needed to attend college, complete college, and the steps on what to do after completing college. The workshop, had professional individuals which consisted of a entrepreneur, Registered Nurse, and Business Management from diverse commercial companies. They gave first hand guidance and answered any questions from the attendees. Overall, it was well organized, educational, spiritual, and motivating experience that the community youth as well as the adults that attended enjoyed and I look forward to the next one! 

-Crystal Collier

The Youth Leadership Program mentors in the following 4 program areas:

  1. Encouraging Abstinence
  2. Preventing Teen Drinking and Drug Use
  3. Preventing Bullying
  4. Career and College Readiness

We provide educational workshops, community service projects, and recreational activity sessions to ensure the students have fun while learning information on topics that will help them succeed in life.  Due to student's disadvantaged circumstances, we also try to provide food or snacks during sessions and activities, to ensure student's with food insecurity concerns are assisted.